Hi there I’m Zippi

and this is Me and Arthur

We moved to Berlin from Rome 5 years ago as jointly agreed.

Our life in Berlin is actually based on music, bars and professional chill…

Arthur is another musician, 

you can find us strolling-pretending to be stars around Zeiss-Großplanetarium

Arthur’s job is also bartending,

you can visit us at Studio8 our gang bar in Wedding  

My profession  is to make funny expression, chill in all the fresh corners of our flat and look after Arthur’s attentions.

Arthur is friendly, I really love his smell, I spend hours looking at him doing his stuff.

We are social, but I’m selective.

You better watch out as I can look fancy like all these french bouledogue in town, but actually I’m squat and possessive, and Arthur is mine.

Every day starts with me hiding Arthur’s sleepers 

and Arthur having some of his after-night-shift morning speech 

which I have to listen to pretending to be interested. 

I crashed into Arthur’s life out of any plan.

Actually, we were family since the really beginning, as my parents were Arthur’s neighbours.
When my mom gave birth to me and my brothers, he immediately popped by to visit
and celebrate with Carlo, my grandfather.

I was the biggest and the number one bully between all of my brothers and sisters.
Arthur and Carlo gave me the nickname “Cow”.. Don’t know if I really liked it, but anyway..

In about two months all my brothers and sisters got chosen to join other families, while me…
stroke of luck! I was still at home with my parents, sucking Mum’s Lulu breasts , peeing on newspapers, playing with my dad Luigi and his toys, getting all the attentions from Carlo and family.


This was paradise until the day Cruella De Vil came and took me away…

Yes, when I was two months old I’ve been chosen for adoption by a rich woman
who thought I was “cute”, but couldn’t expect to have to cope with my temper.

She brought me back one week later under the professional advice
of her trusted palm reader who revealed her our zodiacal mismatch.

Superstition saved my ass!!
Result: I ended up living with Arthur.

We are climbing mountains together. We’ve been on stage together.
We travel. We like to jump in the water. We’ve been sharing food and bed at the end of the day.
We are family and we stick to each other.
Berlin and his multicultural – liberal spirit is the choice we have done for our life.
We gonna spend all our life together and the future is bright.