Gizmo is a true showdog with a Showgirl mommy and Rockstar daddy.


His past is still a mystery...



…as the stories from the guy we got him from turned out to be a lie but some research shed some light on it and it became clear that he had a rough start in life. He was separated from his mother and siblings straight after birth, was brought to a different country and neglected for hours at only a couple of weeks old.

The first time we met him, he wouldn’t leave my lap and tried to come with us as we had to leave. Needless to say, we knew we had to get him out of there.

I remember us sitting down and writing a pro and con list about taking him into our family at that point in our lives. The cons clearly outweighed the pros but we tore up the sheet, got him a few days later and never looked back. It was the best decision we have ever made.

From that moment on he became our constant travel companion, haunting backstages filled with gorgeous naked ladies, terrorizing rehearsals, falling asleep in guitar cases, on feather fans and making suitcases his home. He´ll also make sure to hide his favorite bone or toy in my luggage before I go to a gig, you know, to make sure Mommy doesn´t starve or get bored. Nothing says glamour like unpacking your feathers at a gig and have a squeaky zebra fall out!


Gizmo is not much of a Romeo but rather a Casanova with the ladies


sharing passionate kisses and cuddles that leave little room for air. Once he´s got you pinned down there´s not much more to do but surrender to his overwhelming love. And who would want to resist?

Little did we know, when we got Gizmo, we got much more than just a dog as he hunts and plays like a cat, grunts like a pig, hops like a rabbit and turns into a Gremlin when wet. 

Don´t be fooled by his cute exterior and clown like behavior though, underneath he is a regal and intelligent dog planning to take over the world.