Shenzi & Ebba

This portrait features Shenzi and Ebba, who live in Prenzlauer Berg. Here is their story, as narrated by Ebba.

Shenzi! I don't even know where to start?

She was born sometime during 2013 somewhere in Romania.. as far as I know. No one really knew anything about her past so I am not sure if she was just a stray dog and grew up and was found on the streets or if she was kept in a shelter in Romania.

At the end of 2014 my friend found Shenzi, her name then was Johanna, on this German shelters website and sent the link to me. I had mentioned to my friend that I grew up with dogs in my family and that I would really love to have my own one day.

After seen this ridiculously cute photo of ”Johanna” we decided to go and see her at the shelter. There and then she won my heart within a split second.

On the 2nd of January 2015 ”Johanna” was brought to me here in Berlin by the people who work at the shelter and they asked me if I was going to keep her name. I had been thinking about this quite a bit since I felt that ”Johanna” didn’t suit this little creature at all.

The people who I had been showing Shenzi’s photo to kept saying ”She looks like a Hyena!” and I very much agreed so then I started thinking ”Hmm.. what would a hyena be called?” and THEN I started thinking about the hyenas in Disney’s The Lion King and after a little Google session I found out that the leader of the hyena pack in that movie is called Shenzi Marie Predatora Veldetta Jacquelina Hyena, so ”Shenzi” it was. She did listen very well to it from the first time I called it.. it also suits her way better in my opinion.

So Shenzi.. Every day since she moved in with me she has put a big smile on my face.

So Shenzi.. Every day since she moved in with me she has put a big smile on my face. She doesn’t only have that affect on only me though, she has a tendency to make most people she meet either smile or even laugh out loud with her silly faces and goofy personality. She is, or more like wants to come across as, a tough cookie and tries to make every other dog think so as well but you can tell that deep inside she’s just a massive sweetheart that would never do anyone any harm.

She did get into a fight with another dog a few months after I got her and broke her leg badly and had to have a surgery. That was followed by 3,5 months of pain, going in and out of the vet every second day and a lot of medication and since then she has been a bit more ”on guard” when it comes to other dogs but you know what? I don’t blame her.

Except from food her big passions are long walks, belly rubs and naps. She does spend alot of her time at home just chilling and sleeping, sometimes she might play for a minute or two but she gets very easily bored. She’s not the biggest cuddler either so most of our cuddles are forced by me and she’s basically just being nice when she is letting me do that once or twice, sometimes three times, a day. I think that’s why I kinda like when there is a thunder and she gets scared. Don’t get me wrong, I really don’t enjoy seeing Shenzi scared but when she is she either crawls into my closet (where her bed is now, for that reason) or she wants to be close to me so I can protect her, and that is quite nice I have to admit.

I'm so happy Shenzi found her way into my life, I really couldn't imagine one without her now.

I’m so happy Shenzi found her way into my life, I really couldn’t imagine one without her now. She’s just such a sweet and funny and charming little creature. She has most definitely become my best friend and I am pretty sure I am hers as well.. at least when I’m the one who’s got the pizza.