Lea & Victoria

This portrait features Lea and Victoria, who live in Prenzlauer Berg. Here is their story, as narrated by Victoria.

I have wanted a dog all my life.

In the summer of 2013, I finally realized my dream and bought a tiny black female puppy, which was sold to us as a Chihuahua-mix (which she is not, obviously).


I named her Lea as she looked like a tiny black lion.

Two years later, I cannot imagine my life without her.

We still have no idea what type of dog she is. We assume that she is a Schnauzer mixed with some kind of Terrier, maybe a Yorkie.

I had to put a lot of effort into convincing my boyfriend to get a dog, as he never had nor wanted to have a pet in his life. Most of all, he was afraid of the responibility. However, when he saw that tiny black puppy which weighted no more than 690 grams, his heart was taken by storm. Today, he feels exactly the same way about Lea as I do – he loves her.

Our friends sometimes make fun of us as they say that we treat Lea like our baby. Sometimes they are right. Lea is not only our everlasting-puppy. She is also the inspiration behind my clothes label LEA & LOUIS for high-quality dog and home accessories, handmade in Berlin. And if you ask yourself: „who is Louis“ – he is one of Lea’s first friends, a Chihuahua that we used to meet in one of our most favorite coffee shops in Oderberger Straße.

Lea has a very special and distinctive mark: she has one kinked and one pointed ear. It makes her look super cute and also a little cheeky.

Lea simply is the perfect dog as she is not only neat and clever, but also very well behaved and super easy to handle. Right from the start, we took her almost everywhere we went: the first day we got her we had dinner with friends at „Katerschmaus” while Lea slept all night in a woven basket under my seat. She was an outgoing and very social dog right from the beginning.

Watch out, here she is: Lea, my inspiration, my best friend.